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Our farm tour is an educational walk where you will learn all about the different kinds of animals and what it takes to raise and take care of these beautiful creations. Mrs. Mary Fitzgerald will share his wealth of knowledge about raising animals and tell you amazing stories of his 25 years of caretaking.  During the tour you will be able to pet, cuddle, and even feed the animals.

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in the fact that we do not use steroids or hormones in the raising of our produce. We only feed our animals natural feed and vitamins. We have a large variety of different kinds of organic eggs and fresh meat that you can buy and enjoy.

Organic Eggs & Meat

Are you interested in bringing a group, team, or a class fieldtrip?


You can book and reserve a certain day or time for your group to be specially attended to. Come and study or even help tare care of the animals and be taught how to run a farm.


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We host groups and field trips!

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